IMC Closes the Gap Between School and the Real World

The snow is finally falling, and that means it’s crunch time for students in post-secondary schools everywhere.   It was around this time last year that I was wrapping up my second last semester at Queen’s University, and I chose to pursue my education even further – this time in the field of digital marketing.  One of the main reasons I chose to come to St. Lawrence College was of course so that I can stay in this beautiful city for a little while longer, but also thanks to the appeal of the small program size.  Something I didn’t realize at the time, was that right from the get-go, we’d get the chance to hear from professionals from multiple different industries, and how we’d actually get the chance to collaborate directly with some of them.  Here are three people I particularly enjoyed having speak with us so far in the IMC program:

Jennifer Knox

The recreational cannabis industry is being created right before our very eyes, so it was really cool to get some insight from someone who is right at the forefront of this movement.  Jennifer Knox, director of communications at 48 North, spoke to our class via Skype about the navigating the complexities of developing a marketing strategy in a highly regulated line of work.  It was very compelling to see the different creative ways that her company is going about branding and what kind of content they create.  Personally, I’m really interested in about self-care and personal wellness, so to hear her speak about “next-generation” products and the “Latitude” sub-brand platform was.  This is definitely an industry that I would be like to explore further in the future so stay tuned for more on this!

Stuart Thornley

Stuart, a young and energetic member of Top Shelf Distillers’ marketing team, came to speak to us in our Social Media Marketing class. What’s neat about Top Shelf is that we actually get to work in teams to come up with a brand new social media campaign for the company! I’m really excited to do this because I’ve developed a keen interest in local, sustainable, craft products since working at the Tea Room (a fully environmentally-sustainable café).  Getting the chance to hear from someone who is so young and has so much knowledge and insight to share with us about what life is actually like in the industry was really rewarding and I’m really looking forward to getting to work further on this project.

Matt Shepard

Matt, a director of Marketing with the Queen’s School of Law and volunteer with the CFRC Podcast Network, came in and spoke in our Content Marketing class about creating and publishing podcasts.  What I loved most about Shepard’s time with us was how engaging he was.  His enthusiasm and passion helped make a complex and rather dry lesson on the podcast publishing process actually quite interesting! This is something that I would definitely like to tap into in the future and this lesson helped me gain a better understanding of where to start!

Speaking of podcasts…… I thought I’d end this off on a more personal level and share a few podcasts I’ve been listening to recently:

  1. Under the Influence with Terry O’Reilly

My dad is convinced that listening to CBC’s Age of Persuasion/Under the Influence every weekend in our living room growing up was the whole reason I ever ended up taking a program in Marketing.  While it may not the only reason – I admit, this show has always fascinated me. O’Reilly has a knack for story-telling and it’s particularly cool to hear his insight into the advertising industry now that I’ve had some experience working in, and learning about marketing.

  1. High Tea

Listening to Jennifer Knox talking about marketing and branding in cannabis inspired me to do a little digging around for some of the cool brands out there that are breaking this now-legal plant in the women’s wellness industry.  In each episode of High Tea, hosts Jen and Michelle tackle different topics, such as how cannabis is connected to everything from skincare, to spirituality and even athletics.  I would definitely recommend this podcast for anyone who is interested in the cannabis industry (and even if you’re not, it’s still super cool)!

  1. Ear Hustle

Ok so I haven’t actually listened to this one yet, but it’s been recommended to me by a dear friend whom I trust very much.  Ear Hustle gives listeners an insight into prison life in San Quentin State Prison.  It’s fully recorded and produced by inmates Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams with help from an outside investor.  As a bit of a crime-buff myself, I’ll definitely have to download this one for my commute sometime soon.

…That’s all for me today folks! If you liked what you read here today and you’re interested in the IMC program, you just want to connect or you want to let me know about a podcast you’ve been digging lately….shoot me a message, drop me a line and let’s get in touch!

Lauren Emily

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